Netora was founded in 2017 by AlphaTech Solutions, active in the IT sector since 2005.

Our customers don’t set out to build networks. They build on ideas that reinvent, re-imagine, and improve the world around them. It makes sense that we should begin there, too.

​If your business depends on the network to deliver mission-critical transactions, applications, and services, ​then Netora is here for you.

We are constantly focused on understanding our customers’ needs.​ We strive for solutions that give our customers true advantage over their competition, whether that’s bringing new, revenue-generating services to market in minutes instead of months, reducing network costs, enabling smarter, more efficient business processes, providing security and protection for their most valuable assets, or delivering a richer end-user experience. Whatever the challenge, each and every day our customers set out to build the best possible networks for their businesses. ​Netora​ helps them do just that.

Why ​Netora? Quite simply, because we provide the kind of innovative thinking, performance, automation, and commitment that enable ​Malta’s best networks.

​We build more than networks. We help our customers build the amazing.

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