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Site Analysis

This analysis is done by a fully qualified network installer during which we will discuss with you your needs and requirements.

Site plans of the building where our services are requested, is normally required so as to be able to have a better understanding of the layout, which helps us plan and provide an efficient installation.

We are also able to issue a 2D wiring diagram should this be required for large scale and complex projects.

Structured Cabling, Cable Management & Termination

The heart of any network setup is the cabling. This is the most tedious part of any installation and is also the most important. We will analyse and provide the best way to install network points that terminate all to a central location.

Cable management plays an important role in the whole process, since it not only helps with the initial installation process, but also with problem solving should any issues arise in the future.

Hardware Installation

Network installations require a number of hardware products that combined together make up your network. We at Netora, can supply and install the following products that will help complete your network installation:

  • Data / Server Racks and Cabinets
  • Hardware and Accessories for the above
  • Patch Panels
  • Network Switch
  • Hardware Router
  • UPS Systems
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Servers & Storage Solutions
  • Administration Peripherals

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are a must have in today’s world. Some may be wary of such connection, in fear of security and unauthorised access.

Wireless networks can be set up in different ways, so as to provide multiple connections that ultimately offer different layers of access and security; that in turn provide access to a separate network for your internal network and guest network. This means that guests will only be able to access internet usage and will not have access to the private internal network.


Security is something that every end user is worried about.

We at Netora offer various types of security installations that can either protect a single server room or an entire building:

  • CCTV System with recording and monitoring facilities.
  • Fire/Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Digital door access

Server Rooms, Cooling and Ventilation

In larger installations it is wise to dedicate a room or area of your premises to centralise all of your equipment into. We are able to help you choose the correct room or plan one ahead in case of a new construction.

Having everything isolated in a dedicated room is ideal to be able to ventilate and cool this zone to keep your network and devices running at optimal performance. The room can also have a dedicated secure entrance, a CCTV system, dedicated power, cooling and ventilation. Finally we can offer sound insulation, fireproofing and non damaging fire suppression systems.

Software Solutions

Software is a key part of your network being operating systems for your servers, software to run virtual servers and desktops and storage services.

With a wide range of software available we at Netora are here to help you make this decision based on your requirements and your budget.

Hereunder is a short list of the most commonly supplied software

  • Windows / Linux Server OS’s
  • Virtual Machine Servers
  • File/FTP/Web/Mail ecc Server Software
  • Hardware Router OS’s
  • Desktops OS’s
  • Security System Software (For CCTV  Monitoring and Recording)
  • Others

 Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs and requirements.

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