Phase 1 (Finished)

– Server rack to house networking & server hardware.
– Conversion from desktop case servers to rack mountable servers.
– Cable management and labeling.
– Multi UPS system for servers and networking peripherals.
– Multiple network points all throughout the office.
– Multiple access points for office wide, seamless WiFi coverage and separate guest WiFi network.
– Hardware router for added security and customisation.
– KVM Switch for management of all server and router form a single location.

– Virtual Machine Server – Serving virtual desktops to thin clients.
– Data and storage server.
– Administration, monitoring and backup System.
– Daily full on-site backup.
-Daily Off-Site backup of critical data.
– Weekly full off-site backup.

Phase 2 (In progress)

– Moving server rack to a dedicated room.
– Cooling system.
– Ventilation system.
– Digital security door lock.
– CCTV system.
– Fire alarm.

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